It's all about Community

Do you know your next door neighbours? How about those a few doors down? Would you notice if an elderly neighbour had not left their home in the last few days? Do your children play out with friends in a safe and secure area?

if the answer to any of these questions are NO, then don't you want to change this?

Communal Alleyways

One of our current projects which we at CLUB feel strongly about is our clean up alleyways initiative. There are gated alleyways all over Blackpool which a whole street and the street behind share. These alleyways are ugly, dirty and unfortunately they are a magnet for fly tippers.
What if together we could put a change to this? What if together, we could transform that space into a beautiful communal area for residents to share, for your children to play safely?
Imagine transforming From this....

Alleyway Before

To This......

Alleyway after transformation

This has been done successfully in other parts of the country, and we know that together, we can do it!

So how do we make this dream a reality?

It's simple... If you have an ugly alley and believe that you and your neighbours would benefit, then go and introduce yourself to those neighbours, ask them if they agree, if the answer is yes then get in contact with us. We will visit you, gain permission from you and your neighbours and then we will supply materials and volunteers, arange a date to come and HELP YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBOURS make this a reality. Put your kettles on, and some old clothes and get yourself and your family involved.
Once it's complete you can be proud of what together you have achieved ....and we're betting that you will have made some new friends in the process!